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Hi I’m Nathalie!

I’m a passionate problem solver or the human body, and like to help people find the underlying cause of their problems. That could be anything from shoulder and back pain, head aches with no obvious medical cause, recovering from injuries, preparing for a competition or regular “maintenance” to be able to feel and perform optimally.

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I am trying to be the person I wish I would have found when I was dealing with injury, recovery and how to best prevent those injuries to come back.

In this pursuit I have studied sport massage, osteopathy, nutrition, dry needling, myofascial taping, functional movement therapy, etc. Every book, every seminar, every education I have taken has lead me to new discoveries of the human body and function.

In my own athletic pursuits and coming back from injuries, I often felt frustrated because I felt like conventional medicine only pressed pause on the pain for a while, but never really solved the main reason behind the problem. This frustration and a very strong feeling of “there has got to be another way”, is what prompted so much of my studying over the years. This is how TIGERSPORTS came about.

Everyday I am inspired by my own little tigers of what great movement looks like!

My philosophy

To me, a strong person in great health is someone who can handle their own body weight, has full range of motion, has steady energy throughout the day, can make a run for it when needed, and sleeps like a kitten. Much like a tiger, hence the name TIGERSPORTS.

I believe that most of our physical problems come from areas in our body that are too rigid and no longer are flexible.

For example, a rigid area of the body can create pain not only in the area itself, but more commonly in other areas as well due to overcompensation. This could be caused by a previous injury/ surgery, bad posture, stress, an inactive lifestyle, poor digestion or a sluggish lymph-system, just to mention a few reasons.

By increasing the body’s mobility in an area that has been “stuck”, fluids like blood, lymph and nutrients can flow freely again, which will speed up your recovery and healing process.

When consulting with clients, the question of why and what is always on the top of my mind. Why is this problem there in the first place? What is the root cause, and what can I do to improve on your situation, and what can you do at home?

What has always been consistent is my love for learning about all things regarding the human body, especially in the context of movement, recovery and optimal health.

My journey

My road started in Sweden and since then my path has been long and winding, with many different lives and adventures lived all around the world, from being a Scuba Diving Instructor in Australia and Indonesia, to playing beach volleyball and going to University in Santa Cruz, to working with some of the very best athletes in the world, to setting up my own practice in Luxembourg, and then moving it to Haarlem.

Even though I have a lot of experience working with pro-athletes, I equally enjoy helping a kid regain movement in their arm after wearing a cast, or helping a grandma with her hip so she can work in her garden again, or getting rid of the stiff shoulder pain of someone who works on a laptop from home all day long. I consider it a privilege to be able to help you move better and improve on your life quality, whatever that may look like for you.

Whatever your goal is

I look forward to helping you get there!

Cycling : 89e Giro dÍtalia / Stage 12 RIIS Bjarne (Den) Manager Team CSC / VISSER Nathalie (Swe) Soigneur Kine Verzorger Livorno – Sestri Levante (169 km) Tour of Italy / Ronde van Italie UCI Pro Tour / Etape Rit

While growing up in Sweden I was very athletic and competed in lots of different sports. As a cyclist some of my higher achievements include going to the Junior World Championships and later becoming Swedish Champion in Road Cycling.

Over the years, I have had the great opportunity to travel and work, for many years full time, with top athletes, Pro-Teams and National Teams from many different countries, who competed in the World Championships, European Championships and the Olympic Games.

I worked at my first Tennis tournament for the WTA in 2010, and was a part of the WTA Sport Sciences and Medicine Team for many years after that. I’m a Mobility WOD Movement and Mobility Specialist, and I’m also registered as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) with the NTA, and have earned the title of Osteopath D.O. From the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO).

Helping athletes reach their goals is something I really enjoy. And the category’s have piled up over the years with Cycling, Cyclo-Cross, MTB, Marathons, Triathlon, Powerman, Ironman, Swimming, Rugby, Handball, Basketball, Tennis, Ice-skating, Ice-hockey, CrossFit ,Ultra Trail Running, as well as professional musicians. Maybe you will help me add on another category?

more About me

I have been working with massage since 1997 and in my own words I would say that I am “a curious and passionate problem solver of the human body”.

If you ask me what my specialty is, I would say it’s the individualized treatment I am able to give you and the special feeling that I have developed in my fingers/hands, from years of working with many different body types and needs, from kids, moms, grand-moms, weekend warriors and Olympic Gold Medalists.

As sports go I did a lot of CrossFit training last year, but this year I am focusing more on running and yoga, and improving my movement skills all around. And of course my favorite way of transportation is my bike!

So, that is a lot of information about me. How about you?

Are you ready to team up with me and get started?

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Osteopathy, sports massage and functional nutrition in Haarlem. Taking care of zombies to olympians since 2007.

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