Osteopathy, sports massage and functional nutrition in Haarlem

Hi there,
I’m glad you landed on my page because it means you are interested in taking care of your body, and I’m here to help you move better than ever!

Some of my tools to do that, is through osteopathy, functional nutrition and sports massage with techniques like deep tissue and fascia release.

I am striving to be the person I wish I would have found when I was dealing with injury, recovery and how to best prevent those injuries to come back. You could say that I’m a passionate problem solver of the human body, and like to help people find the underlying cause of their problems.

Maybe for you that means recovering from an injury, or getting rid of shoulder pain from working on the couch at home, or being able to sit pain-free on the floor so that you can play with your grand kids, or maybe it’s setting a new record in your next competition!

Whatever your goal is, I look forward to helping you get there!


Osteopathy is a manual examination and treatment of the body as a whole, looking at how all of the different systems in the body can be linked to your specific complaint. By increasing the body’s mobility in an area that has been “stuck”, fluids like blood, lymph, and nutrients can flow freely again, which will speed up your recovery and healing process.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a great tool to relieve tension in the body and gain better mobility. It is also excellent to speed up recovery and prevent injuries. This is a deep, thorough massage of your fascia and muscles.

Functional Nutrition

Anti-inflammation, absorption and maximizing nutritional intake is at the core of Functional Nutrition, not the number of calories. What is being absorbed by your body is just about as important as what is on your plate. Functional Nutrition focuses on reducing inflammation, and increasing absorption, so that your body gets the building blocks it needs for optimal health.

Join me on the blog for a conversation on all things regarding body, health and movement.

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About me

In my own athletic pursuits and coming back from injuries, I often felt frustrated because I felt like conventional medicine only pressed pause on the pain for a while, but never really solved the main reason behind the problem. This frustration and a very strong feeling of “there has got to be another way”, is what prompted so much of my studying over the years. I am striving to be the person I wish I would have found when I was dealing with injury, recovery and how to best prevent those injuries to come back. This is how TIGERSPORTS came about.



1 hour

Sports massage


1 hour

Functional Nutrition


80 minutes


Founded by Nathalie Visser. Taking care of zombies to Olympians since 2007.

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