Improve Your Eyesight by Stretching Your Muscles

Hi Team!

This week I want to talk a bit about our eyesight. As we are deep into the times of working from home, you may have noticed that sitting a lot more, especially in weird positions on the couch with a laptop balanced on your knees, can cause back pain. That is due to to the constant static position of the muscles, poor posture and muscles tightening up. It’s not too hard to see the chain of events there.

But, what about your eyesight?
What about all of the muscles in your eyes? Do they work completely different to other muscles in the body?

No, actually they don’t. What it means is that when you stare at a screen, especially from a short distance like looking at your phone, you are causing your eye muscles a lot of stress. In a way, it’s like sitting with poor posture all day long. Some muscles will have to work really hard all of the time in order to focus on the screen in front of us.

Staring at a screen creates an imbalance in strength and flexibility in the muscles of the eye. Combine that over a long period of time and it can cause you too have diminishing eyesight. A common problem to occur from this is myopia, or aka nearsightedness. To look at something close to us our eye muscles have to work really hard. Over a long period of time that creates an imbalance, and this makes it more difficult for us to see things clearly that are further away.

You may have noticed this if you have been  on a long flight watching a lot of movies on that little screen right in front of you. For the first couple of minutes getting off the plane it’s like you cannot really read any signs that are a bit further away. That quickly corrects itself, because it was just for a few hours, but when that happens day in and day out… You get the picture.

So, what can we do about it?
Try to limit your screen time, or at least create breaks in between your screen time so that the eyes can relax. The best way for the eyes to relax is to look far away.

– At best go this outside, and pick something really far away and just relax your eyes on that for a moment. Or, let your eyes slowly trail the horizon.

– Going for a walk outside is a great way to improve eyesight and relax your eyes, because you will automatically look further away than when you are indoors.

If you are not able to go outside, look through a window and pick an object to  look at as far away as possible.

This is particularly important for kids as it seems that their chances for myopia (nearsightedness) increases greatly when screen time is allowed from an early age. Here is another article on the impact of computer use in children’s vision.

There are many different ways to improve the condition of your eye muscles and also your eyesight, but you have to work at it! These days it seems more important than ever, since we are constantly surrounded by screens and rarely look up and far away. So, just like we know that we have to take care of the muscles in our body for us to be able to move well, we have to do exactly the same with the muscles of our eyes.

Check out these two videos for a start of what you can do, but of course there is plenty more then that if you want to continue this journey.


This weekend go outside and relax those eyes and improve on your eyesight!

Tigersports is OPEN for clients again!

Hey there Team!

I am so happy to be able to announce that I, together with all contact professions, will be able to start working as of Monday the 11th of May. After 8 weeks of quarantine it almost feels surreal to be able to see clients again! You can go ahead and book your appointment online or email me.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before making an appointment:
The condition is that you do not have any health problems such as a cold, runny nose, coughing and sneezing. If you have recently been in contact with someone, or think that you may have been in contact with someone, who is infected with Covid-19, please do not come to the clinic.

If you are thinking about cancelling your appointment, even if it’s just for something small, at this time it is better to be safe and to re-schedule your appointment. I will not charge for same day cancellations during this time.

In short, here are some key-points that will keep us from getting into another quarantine:

  • if you are not feeling well for any reason, it is better to stay at home, your appointment can be rescheduled.
  • wash and disinfect your hands before and after the treatment
  • the equipment, tables, chairs, handles, etc. are disinfected according to the highest standards after each use. The less you touch, the better.
  • Please respect your time of the appointment. I have added extra time in the booking schedule to each appointment to further avoid contact with other people. This means that there will not be anyone in the waiting room at any point. As you know my clinic is small, so if you arrive late I will have to cut your appointment short, and if you arrive too early I will ask you to wait outside.
  • Let us all take responsibility with these safety measures so that we can continue working, and so that more and more people are able to go back to work.

I wish you all a great weekend,
and I am looking forward to see many of you
this coming week!  🙂


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Crunchy Peanut Butter Tempeh for the Win!

Hey there Team!

I hope that everyone is doing as well as can be, in these interesting quarantine times. Since most of us are staying at home these days, I thought I’d share one of my favorite tempeh recipes. I made this for my friends pre-quarantine time and they have been asking me for the recipe ever since.

So, I finally made a video out of it! Tempeh (always get organic), is just fermented soybeans pressed together, more or less. In this way it is a lot less processed than tofu. It is high in protein, and a great base in plantbased cooking.

Regarding your peanut butter – please check your label. The only thing that should be in your peanut butter is peanuts and salt. That’s it! And choose organic whenever you can.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Tempeh – 2 pers – 185 C – 12min
2 TBL peanutbutter (I use crunchy)
2 TBL tamari (or any soy sauce you like)
1-2 TBL Maple syrup
1-2 teasp. chili paste (I use sambal oelek)
1 package of Tempeh (300g)

Mix the wet ingredients together in a large bowl. Cut up the tempeh in bite sized pieces and mix with the thick sauce. Once the tempeh is coated on all sides, put on a baking tray. Bake in the oven for about 12min on 185 degrees C.

Extra tip!
if you are cooking any vegetables, throw them into the bowl where you mixed the sauce. The hot vegetables will mix well with the remaining sauce and give them a really nice taste.

And here is the video!!

Please be kind, it is my very first time editing a video on my phone – you will be able to follow along just fine though 😉 Also, I first found this recipe from Simon Hill on Plant Proof. He has so much good scientific information on his page – check it out for more plantbased information!

All other media by Nathalie Visser

Free App Content during Quarantine!

Hey there team!

As most of us are stuck at home in these times, on-line and app content is being viewed like never before. Luckily many companies have decided to lower their prices or to make some if not all content completely free for the next couple of weeks. That is great news!

So check out some of these apps below and see what you can learn from them. Maybe you will end up being a long term subscriber, or maybe you will just enjoy them for a couple of weeks. Either way, being able to check it out free of charge is pretty cool!

The Centr App from Chris Hemsworth and his team currently has a 6 week free trial! This is such a cool resource with many different coaches, so I am sure that you can find something to your liking.
They call their corner stones to a fit lifestyle Train, Eat, and Live. This is an amazing opportunity to check out all of their great content for free. Don’t miss out! Do make sure that you go to the website for the 6-week free trial! If you go via the appstore it is only free for 7 days.

I feel so fortunate to have worked with incredible experts in the fields of health, nutrition, mindfulness and training, so I thought, ‘Why not share that?’ Tell my team what you want to achieve and they’ll help you get there.  -Chris Hemsworth

The Nike Running (NRC) and workout (NTC) Apps have always been free, and they are still awesome. I used the NRC app to get ready for a half marathon a while back. If you are living in the US the Nike Training Club App currently has all of its Premium content for FREE. Here is a direct question to Nike though -Why are you not able to release the Premium content in the App for the rest of the world to use…?! I just don’t get it?! OK, moving on.

Headspace – my favorite app for meditation currently have some of their meditations for free. Check it out if you haven’t already. If you want to know more about the benefits of meditation I have written about it previously.

State – This is a great breathing app I encourage you to try. It is really straight forward without any fuss, and very user friendly.  Their main saying is:

“Accomplish more, stress less – Intuitive breathing exercises to shift your state in record time”

The Wim Hof Method. If you have never heard about the Ice-man before, now is a good time! Learn more about his methodology to boost your immune system and breathing techniques here.

Mastering Diabetes also has many free webinars that you can join. This is a great resource to look at not only if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, but also if you are interested in what you can do to never end up in that situation!  Find out more about them here and follow on Instagram here.

These are just a few to give you a place to start. If you have a particular subject you are interested in google away and see what you can find out about what is being offered right now. I just attended a free web seminar from a Business School the other Day about being an entrepreneur.  Make the most of being stuck inside!

App away my friends! 😉

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Photo by Reine Kase

Let’s Sprout Some Mung Beans!

Hey there team!

We are all in the midst of crazy times at the moment!  Many of us are stuck at home most, if not all, of the time. So, let’s take advantage of that and try something new!

Sprouting mung beans is really easy and fun, and you have great results in just a few days. When any bean is sprouting, it is getting ready to grow into a large plant. It means that it is activating all of its resources to be as powerful as possible to grow. We can take advantage of that by eating the bean as a sprout, getting the highest protein and nutrient content from the bean. Read more about the protein  and nutritional increase of sprouting here.

Sprouting also breaks down phytic acid, and trypsin (aka anti-nutritional factors) in the beans, making it much easier for us to digest. The same thing happens when you soak beans and lentils before cooking them. You can read more about that here. 

All you need is some organic mung beans. Rinse them once or twice, then put them in water over night. For the following days just rinse them once in the morning and once in the evening, staying covered under a towel. We want to simulate them being under ground and not getting any sun. Et voila! In about 3 days you have yummy sprouts that you can eat raw or lightly cook. They will keep in the fridge for about 2 weeks as well.

So why don’t you tag along and do it with me?! If you have kids this is a great project to make them interested in plants and food. We start today! Follow me on Instagram Story @tigersportsnat, or on Facebook Story.

Let’s get sprouting! 😉


P.S. If you want some inspiration for cooking plant based meals, do check out The Game Changers on Netflix. Especially check it out if you are wondering about calcium and protein intake while on a plant based diet! So worth your time.



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Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Legumes
The Art of Eating Well by Hemsley and Hemsley
My New Roots by Sarah Britton

Smart Recovery Improves Your Longevity

Hey there Team!
If you have been reading my blog for a while, chances are you have read a thing or two about recovery. That is no coincidence! I think recovery is a very under utilized tool in our lives. It’s almost like we don’t want to really talk about it, as if it’s not cool to look after yourself. Let’s change that!

"Most people are not over-trained, 
they are under-recovered."

-Joe Holder

I mean, it’s the guy in the office (Larry) that brags about the amount of training that he did that morning on almost no sleep, coffee and 2 Ibuprofen, that gets the “oh, wow, he’s cool”. Compare that to Dan who opted for no Netflix the night before, who did some Yoga or meditation instead and was in bed by 9pm. In our society Dan typically doesn’t get the same “cool” factor. He should though. Dan is setting himself up for success in the long term, whereas Larry is on his way to burn out and have plenty of injuries.

“Just focusing all on the training, and not on the recovery, can be a big mistake!” [1]

I have worked with professional athletes who had to do fewer and less intense workouts for a couple of months, because they had injured themselves in racing. In this case it was falling off a bike and landing on the head. Even though their training volume was drastically reduced they came back way stronger the following season!

Crazy huh?! Well, not really. Being chronically over-trained and under-recovered is not where you want to be for optimal performance. Sometimes it takes a serious injury to understand where you are.

“We want people to be exercising for life, you know exercise is medicine, it’s the best you can do for your body, for prevention of pretty much every disease, so we want people to exercise for a lifetime.” [2]

There is a lot of hype about the best and newest recovery methods, and sometimes it’s not easy to know what makes the most sense. Dr. Shona Halson, a former Senior Recovery Physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport, and currently Associate Professor in the School of Behavioral and Health Sciences at the Australian Catholic University, highlights how we can best maximize our recovery time.


The core Foundations are:
Sleep and Nutrition (including hydration.)

Then add on:
Massage, (Great for muscle repair and for balancing the Nervous System)
Soft Tissue Work, Mobility
Compression (socks)
Stretching, Yoga
Meditation, Float Tanks
Cold Showers
Cold Water Immersion (ocean, lake, river)
Ice-Baths (use as “icing on the cake”)

For more detail check out this great podcast from TRAINED with Ryan Flaherty and Dr. Shona Halson with tonnes of knowledge.

Some often misread signs of under-recovery are fatigue and irritability. So why should a weekend warrior or just an active person care about recovery?

Who cares, right? It’s not like I’m about to go to the Olympics or anything. Well, it’s the smartest strategy for making sure that you are injury free, that you feel good and aren’t sore all the time, so that you can be consistent and be able to go out there and do whatever it is that you want to do! For the rest of your life…just saying… 😉

“Rest days are good too! Adaptation happens in rest.” [3]

Why not write down a list of what you use today in terms of recovery on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Is the list very short? What can you add to it? Maybe start investing in a monthly massage or get a foam-roller, or why not both? Are you able to make it to the sauna once in a while, or take a bath with added epsom salt? How is your sleep? What about meditation?

There are many small things that you can do to improve on your recovery, but you have to start doing them. Make space in your calendar and take care of yourself! You will feel better and your athletic performance will improve as well. What’s not to like?!

Wishing you a great weekend with lots of smart recovery!


[1,2,3] Excerpts from the Podcast Trained: Shona Halson – How Recovery Can Push You Forward in Unexpected Ways
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Drew, an exercise physiologist, goes Paleo, Keto, then Plant-Based .

Hello everyone!
If you have ever felt confused about the concepts of going Paleo, Keto or Plant-Based, then this episode is certainly for you! What I find so interesting about Drew Harrisberg in this situation, is the amount of personal data that he has been collecting over the years.

Because he has Type 1 diabetes[1], Drew has this unique situation that has allowed him to monitor what is going on INSIDE his body for a really long time. That is definitely some amazing knowledge to have!

Being an exercise physiologist, he also noted very early on the effect that working out had on his insulin sensitivity. Wanting to do the best he could nutrition-wise he started searching for “the best” diet to follow. He started out with Paleo but that is certainly not where he ended.

What’s so great about Drew’s story you ask? Well, because of his type 1 diabetes, he has his blood work done all the time. This accumulated data tells a story on its own, because what we see on the outside, does not necessarily mirror what’s going on – on the inside. Meaning, he was looking super fit and lean, but his insulin sensitivity was telling another story.

So, due to his constant blood-work, he could track and get a much more complete picture of what was going on inside of him. Ultimately this prompted him to change the way he is eating today.

This is such an interesting podcast between Drew Harrisberg and Simon Hill with the Plant Proof podcast!
Also, Drew and Simon mention a lot of studies during the podcast and you can find them here.

I hope you will enjoy their conversation as much as I did.


Have an amazing weekend!



[1] This is when your pancreas stops producing insulin, often due to an autoimmune disease, and therefore you have to get insulin injections.

Photo from the Plant Proof website
Photo from Drew’s Daily Dose
Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash



Interested in working on turning The Tide?

Hey there everyone!
How are you doing? How was your past week?
Last week I had the great pleasure to be able to sit down and talk to Cristina Mittermeier. Her work as a photographer and activist to conserve our beautiful planet, is nothing short of remarkable.

“What we do or fail to do in the next 5 to 10 years, is going to determine what our oceans look like for the next 10,000 years.”
-Cristina Mittermeier

This is where the project The Tide comes in. “A lot of the solutions to the oceans problems already exist, but people don’t know about them. Our community can help amplify and enhance those solutions.”[1]

Check out the video, and read about their amazing projects on their homepage. Do you remember what Maximus said in the movie Gladiator?

“What we do in this life, echoes in eternity.”

Well, those echoes are catching up to us, and we need to start actively participate in helping our planet. Joining the Tide is a really easy way to get involved.




I am a proud member of the Tide. Will you join me?

[1] Cristina Mittermeier

Carrot tops to the rescue!

Hey there Team!
I hope that you are all doing well, and have something nice planned for the weekend. There are so many fresh vegetables around at this time of the year. One of my favorites is carrots.

Here is a question: When you buy fresh carrots, what do you do with the green tops?
Do you just cut them off and throw them away? I used to do that for years, until I found out that you can actually eat them. Carrot greens are really nutritious, and good for you,  just like the actual carrot itself, so do take advantage and eat the greens as well. Also, eating these greens creates less waste. What’s not to like?

You can eat them raw, but unless they are super fresh it’s maybe not the best way to do it. You could add them to a green smoothie of course, or use it for a home made pesto. The one version I tend to use the most is just to slightly cook them with other veggies. Just like I would if I was using spinach or kale.

You could also put them in a soup or stir-fry them in a pan. The stems can be a bit chewier so you might want to cut them up quite fine, and put the fine leafy tips in at the very end as they cook very fast. Just try it out and see what you like the best!

Quick tip! Cut the very top off the carrot off, with the greens still attached to it. Then put the ends in a bit of water and place in the fridge. This way the carrot tops stay fresh for another couple of days. Then you can choose the most convenient day for you to cook with them.

A little while ago I was attending a lecture on nutrition in Amsterdam. The speaker told us how one of his best friends, who works in agriculture, said that whenever they want to “clean” soil that had been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, they would plant carrots as they were really good at absorbing all of that. For that reason, even though carrots are not on the top of the dirty dozen list,  he told us to never buy non-organic carrots. It’s just not worth the gamble.

Growing carrots with kids is a great way for them to take an interest in vegetables and cooking. Don’t have a garden – no problem. Just get a larger pot and plant some carrot seeds in there. Easy! You don’t always need a lot of space for something to grow.

If you have never used carrot greens before, I do hope that this post have inspired you to try it out. Get that extra boost of Vitamin A and enjoy those extra greens on your plate!

Have an amazing weekend rescuing those carrot tops!



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Got Your Diagnosis? Now ask – WHY?!

Hey there Team!
I hope that you are all doing very well, and are able to enjoy the longer days outdoors.
What does it really mean to get a diagnosis? Is that the real answer to our difficulties? Does it mean that we should stop thinking about problem solving as soon as we hear “your diagnosis is XYZ”? Let’s first take a look at what the word diagnosis really means.

noun: diagnosis; plural noun: diagnoses
the identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms.

OK, so based on looking at the symptoms we should be able to ID the nature of the problem. Meaning, if I have a swollen knee, the nature of the problem is probably inflammation. In that case my diagnosis is inflammation in the knee. A typical treatment would be to eat anti-inflammatory pills, and stay away from sports, right. We all recognize this type of scenario.

Now, if you just got bitten in your knee by a huge spider, rat or the neighbors crazy kid, this kind of treatment makes perfect sense. Maybe you crashed from your bike? However, I dare to say that this is not the typical case scenario.

In that case (so in pretty much all the cases) you need to start asking WHY? OK, so you have inflammation in your knee, but why? Is it because you just started a new exercise program, and you haven’t done that many squats in decades? If so, are you doing enough mobility exercises every day to help your body getting used to the new load? Is your form really good? Ask your coach, find out what you need to work on. Do you have good hip range of motion (ROM)? If not, that could compromise the position of your knee, forcing your knees to collapse inwards. Are you sitting all day at work?

How is your hydration and nutrition? Was your appendix taken out? Are you sometimes constipated? This can have an impact on the blood circulation, lymph system and organ system. If there is an imbalance there, it can create adhesion and feed chronic inflammation over time. Chronic inflammation will weaken your body, but you typically don’t notice it until you are asking more of your body and find a weak spot. In this case your knee.

When getting a diagnosis, ask yourself – Why? Not in a self-pity way, but in a science way. OK, so what are all the possibilities for creating inflammation in my knee? In which of those areas can I improve? How can I help my body on as many levels as possible?

If your Thyroid is a mess, ask Why? Read books, listen to podcasts, find out what nutrients your thyroid needs to feel good. What can you do to make sure that those nutrients are absorbed? What things might be good to exclude?

If you keep rolling your ankles and it takes them a long time to heal, it might be worth looking into the effects of too much cortisol in your body, and how that weakens the ligaments. What could you do to lower the levels of cortisol?

If your answer to the WHY is “it’s genetics” or “bad luck” or “I guess it’s the age” I believe that you have given up on all the amazing things that your body is capable of. Remember, the default mode of the body is to heal itself. Often it’s us who gets in the way, or take the easy way out thinking medication will fix it for us. A diagnosis often describes the symptoms, but seldom tells us the root cause of those symptoms.

Of course it’s not easy to try and figure out all the different whys and mechanisms behind a certain diagnosis. If that was the case we would have solved cancer by now, right?! But understanding the many different mechanisms behind a certain diagnosis, might broaden your horizons and make you see something you haven’t before. And maybe improving in that area, will improve other areas as well.

“Eating food is the biggest variable in our lives. The biggest. So why not eat the best? Why not eat nutrients instead of calories and you watch your body rebuild and transform.”
-Dr. Robert Zembroski on Impact Theory

Here is the really interesting podcast/video on this topic with Dr. Robert Zembroski.


Keep asking WHY and have a great weekend!


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