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I find the body and how it functions endlessly intriguing, and I focus much of my time researching different ways to make people move better and pain-free. Sometimes that can be through hands-on techniques, and at other times it is through reducing inflammation by improving intestinal health and digestion.


Osteopathy is a manual examination and treatment of the body as a whole, looking at how all of the different systems in the body can be linked to your specific complaint. By increasing the body’s mobility in an area that has been “stuck”, fluids like blood, lymph, and nutrients can flow freely again, which will speed up your recovery and healing process.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a great tool to relieve tension in the body and gain better mobility. It is also excellent to speed up recovery and prevent injuries. This is a deep, thorough massage of your fascia and muscles.

Functional Nutrition

Anti-inflammation, absorption and maximizing nutritional intake is at the core of Functional Nutrition, not the number of calories. What is being absorbed by your body is just about as important as what is on your plate. Functional Nutrition focuses on reducing inflammation, and increasing absorption, so that your body gets the building blocks it needs for optimal health.

  • “Nathalie can use several techniques and combine them so that I always get a direct relief to my tense muscles. Already one hour in her hands makes wonders. I love her approach to see the client as a whole; mind, body and spirit. She does her work with passion and warmth. You can feel that.”


  • Nathalie is a real professional, she has so much knowledge and gives great massage! As an athlete I am grateful to have her since she knows how to treat my body for achieveing the best recovery. She has strong hands and can give an intense massage which is absolutely great! At the same time she is helping me overcome my injuries and she releases the tension on my muscles so I fully trust her. I always leave feeling so relaxed and without any stress! The hour is flying every single tome! Totally worth it!

    -Katerina, CrossFit Athlete & Coach

  • Nathalie knows better than anyone how to relax muscles and get rid of tensions. The massages she gives are very different from the rest and the most efficient I've ever experienced. I recommend Nathalie / Tiger Sports 200%


  • Are you a sporter? And you want to support your discipline with a sport massage? Tigersports in Haarlem is the place to go. She is highly experienced and treated some top professionals. This combined with her holistic knowledge of the body in connection to diet and organs, will give you a powerful experience.


  • In only one session Nathalie helped me get rid of a nasty shoulder pain. She is highly experienced and the atmosphere in her practice is warm and welcoming. Highly recommended to get on touch with her in case of any muscle or joint pain.


  • New location, new review: With the move to a new location in the center of Haarlem, Tigersports has stepped up their game again in 2021. I'm coming for sports-massages for more than two years now. As a Crossfit Coach and Athlete, my body is my daily tool for work. Here, it is in the best hands I can imagine. The quality of the bodywork is outstanding and the atmosphere in the new location is super relaxing. Everything is neat, clean and up to the highest standard. Could not recommend this enough!

    -Simon W. Athlete and CrossFit Coach

  • Nathalie knows what she is doing: solid massages that are effective. I visit her regularly for maintenance and injury prevention. Recommended!

    -Hans, Running Coach

  • I am very happy with Nathalie. With her you are in expert and very experienced hands. A sports massage once a month remedies and prevents aches and stiffness for me. Also a beautiful and pleasant practice space.

    -Jacinta, Running Coach

Osteopathy, sports massage and functional nutrition in Haarlem. Taking care of zombies to olympians since 2007.

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