Are you a perfumed garbage can? (Part 1)

So lets talk about that smelly person in the room! You know, the one you really don’t want to sit next to in a meeting, or when they come up and talk to you, you immediately try to avoid breathing in the air around them. Or maybe it’s you who is stinking, and cannot get rid of the smell no matter how hot you shower or how much deodorant you use. To solve the problem you must simply find the right deodorant, right?!

I do not believe that you can fix an inside problem by spraying on chemicals from the outside. Let me back up by telling you a story of a friend from a few years back. Let’s call him Dave.

Back then, Dave was 35-years-old, sporty, a fit guy who worked in the sales industry. He always smelled a lot, especially if he was in a hurry. Either the smell was über-strong from his deodorant, or from his body odor and sometimes a mix…phew…not so lovely. So, being a good friend I thought I had to gently approach the subject as it was clearly having an impact in his life and for the people around him.

So one day I said, “Hey Dave, I’ve got to tell you something you really stink!” He said, “Oh no, but I just used deodorant, is it really that bad?”

Turns out he always had a couple of extra spray deodorants in his car, so that he could use it before he went into sales meetings or meeting up with people. As the ice had been so delicately broken on the subject I decided to dig in some more and ask about his food and drink habits.

Even though he was doing a lot of sports, and looked to be in great shape, his dietary habits were not. The key things that stood out was this: He drank coke, coffee every day and red wine almost every day. He might have a glass of water with the red wine but that was about it. His food intake wasn’t too bad, but he needed to add more vegetables for sure. He also told me that the last check he had with the doctor was not good, and a lot of his values needed to be improved.

I suggested that he should, if nothing else, start to drink about 2 liters of water a day, preferably even more if he was exercising. Next up was to cut out the coke, preferably completely, and reduce the intake of coffee and red wine, and increase the daily amount of vegetables.

But why did Dave stink in the first place? There are a couple of different possibilities but most likely his kidneys and liver were not able to keep up with their job due to his dietary habits.

Our body has 5 major pathways for getting rid of toxins. Through the kidneys(1) (and urine), liver(2), colon (poop), the skin and the lungs. It is the kidneys, liver and colon that is supposed to do the heavy duty work here, the lungs and the skin are a last resort. That means that when the liver and kidneys are over worked and blocked, there is an excess of toxins and waste in your body. The body then tries to find other solutions to get rid of this garbage and it turns to the skin.  As the skin is sort of a last resort for this detoxing, its solution is not as elegant or rapid, and you will start to stink. The smell comes from an excess of bad bacteria mixing in the toxins and wastes. If this continues for a longer period of time, you will most likely start to have other skin conditions as well – dry flaky skin, itchiness, rashes, acne. These signs can point to a more particular problem, but what they all have in common is that there clearly is an imbalance within the body.

These toxins and wastes have been building up over time in your body. You might wonder, “why now, I haven’t changed anything lately?” but it is simply the accumulation factor. Daily use of stimulants like caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, sodas, and not drinking enough water will among other things fatigue your adrenal glands and thus lower the function of your kidneys and liver. Not having enough water in your system and being constipated makes elimination (pooping) more difficult. The longer the poop stays in your colon the more wastes and toxins will be reabsorbed in the body(3). Constant irritation in this area can also be the reason why you have low back pain. This makes the process of getting rid of the wastes and toxins slower than the accumulation factor.

Toxins and wastes can be built up from food pesticides, medicine, daily pollution, heavy metals in our drinking water and food, cleaning solutions for our homes, make-up, cigarettes etc. These wastes and toxins also love to stay stored in the excess fat in your body, so carrying a lot of excess weight is like inviting them to stay.

See you back here on Friday for Part 2.



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