Are you a perfumed garbage can? (Part 2)

Stinky Dave (from last week) was open to make the change and started with adding the water. He found it very challenging at first, and it took him about a month to be comfortable with drinking 2 liters a day. Because he was drinking more water he automatically drank less coke, and within 3 months he had managed to cut out the coke completely, although he admitted to some rough withdrawal symptoms. He still had coffee and red wine, but a lot less than before. He added more veggies when he could.

After about a month there was a huge difference in his stinkyness. I noticed it, and he happily noticed it too. He no longer was that smelly guy in the room, and also didn’t need to keep three extra cans of deodorant spray in the car. He also told me that he had been sleeping better,  felt more energized and at ease, and that he was getting better results in his sport.

After about 6 months he had another check up with his doctor, and he was stunned to find out that all of his values were now back in order.

Dave helped out his internal system by adding more good stuff like water and vegetables, and by reducing the things that was irritating it – coke, sugar, coffee and wine. The body was able to adjust, the pressure was off and as the kidneys and liver could work under less stress, his system slowly went back to normal.

So rather than trying to fix a stinking problem with an industrial grade deodorant, try to pay attention to how your body smells and when it smells. For sure you know that after a big night out with a lot of alcohol you will smell terrible the next day. Maybe other things will trigger it too – start by paying attention. Try to incorporate more water and veggies into your daily habits, and reduce the other stuff. You will notice a change in your smell, and you might even find that you do not need a deodorant every day of the week. Or at least that you can get by with a more natural one, that does not contain all the chemicals that the typical deodorant does.

What about stinky breath, you may wonder? I am so glad you asked! That is also a very interesting topic that will be tackled in a future blog post.

In conclusion:
your problem:
excess stench
just treating the symptom: industrial strength soap and deodorants
root cause: imbalance within the body, most likely kidneys and liver overworked and backed up
solution: add water and more vegetables. Reduce irritants like sodas, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes. First thing in the morning, drink warm water with lemon, (this stimulates the liver in a positive way after a night of hard work).

It’s like having a broken garbage can but rather than repairing it properly from the inside, you just spray perfume over it every time you pass by. This would be what Seth Godin calls “it’s broken”(4).

Taking your stench seriously is seriously very important! You might not care much at the moment, and covering yourself in heavy deodorants and perfumes may seem like an easy solution. But if you are stinking because your kidneys and liver are having a hard time, imagine what could be happening in your body already or just lurking around the corner. Things like insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver syndrome just to mention a few, could already be heading your way.

Don’t be a perfumed garbage can, get involved and get ahead by learning to fix the problem from the inside, by taking responsibility for your own health.


Just because you are trash it doesn’t mean you can’t do great things.
It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot”

*author unknown


4. Seth Godin / you tube