Cashew Milk in Three, Two, One – Done!

Cashew milk is a a great substitute for normal milk. Whether you are trying to be dairy free for a while or are just looking for things to mix it up, cashew milk is a great start. It is so easy to make yourself that you really cannot go wrong. Full of nutrition and good fats, it’s  a great addition to a healthy diet. A lot of the ready made “lactose-free” milks out there still contain a lot of extra stuff that you do not want, like refined sugar, food coloring, and different preservatives. Why not get rid of all that junk by doing it yourself? Trust me – it really is super easy!


Soak 130g raw organic cashews (2.3dl/ 1 cup) in cold water over night.
– The next morning –
Rinse the cashews and drain
Put them in a mixer* together with:
1 L water
a tiny bit of sea-salt
1 teaspoon maple syrup/ honey
Mix it on high for about a minute…and

Store the cashew milk in a sealed container in the fridge for about 3-4 days. Shake it up before using. With the Vitamixer I don’t feel the need to strain the milk, but of course you could if you want an absolute sediment free cashew milk. In that case pour the mixture through a very fine mesh strainer, or use a nut bag for this particular purpose.

You can play around with the amount of water to cashews until you find a texture that you really like. The less amount of water you use, the creamier your milk will be. Use it as substitute for any recipe that calls for milk or in your coffee. It’s a great addition to that cold brewed coffee we talked about last week. The type of maple syrup or honey you use can also greatly vary the taste, which can be really fun depending  on what you want to use it for. Just try it out!

Extra tip: If you forgot to put the cashews in water the night before, you can make a short cut and save yourself. Boil some water and cover the cashews with it. Within 20 minutes you can follow the recipe as if you had soaked them over night. Why not always do this? For one, when you are heating things up you will loose some of the nut’s nutrition and raw qualities. It also seems to spoil quicker, and I find the taste better when using cold water.

Enjoy experimenting in the kitchen! 😉

*You will need a strong mixer for the best result. I use the Vitamix

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash
Photo by Nathalie Visser