Laird Hamilton – the Waterman Icon

When I lived in Santa Cruz in California, it didn’t take long before I learned a lot about surfing. I even had classmates who choose their class schedule depending on when the best surf was. Imagine that! Living in flip-flops and with all this surf talk around me, I soon heard about Laird Hamilton, the most accomplished big wave surfer in the world. Even though I am not surfer (just being on a surf board does not a surfer make!) I have always been amazed at all his accomplishments and the way he has chosen to live his life.

The Ready State with Kelly and Julie Starrett is a great podcast to follow. They recently posted an episode with Laird that I just listened to last week. Since he is someone I respect a great deal and as he was also a part of last weeks blog, it seemed like a good idea to share this episode with you guys. Here it is on I-tunes.

Part from being one of the most iconic and innovative surfers in the world, Laird has had to overcome a lot of treacherous injuries. He has had over 1000 stitches and countless broken bones. The Reef is no gentle place to be crashing into when you fall off the surf board. Having a jet ski crashing into you is also not in your favor…ever.

Through his injuries he has learned to be smart in order to come back strong in the shortest amount of time. Nutrition and movement is certainly two of the keys to that, but they talk about a lot of other topics as well.

This podcast focuses on his way of dealing with injuries and what you can do to prepare your body to be resilient and performing at your highest level. If you haven’t heard of Laird before, check out the video below to get an idea of who he is.

Enjoy the podcast and have a great weekend!



Force of Nature by Laird Hamilton