The Adventure Begins!

Moving is always some type of an adventure, and the further you go, the bigger the adventure tends to be! Right now I’m in the middle of moving boxes, “can’t find anything” and paint brushes. It’s going to turn out great, but right now I’m feeling like  it’s a bit more of this (see pic) than an “adventure”.  I’m sure that many of you can relate!

Because of all of this “adventurous stuff”, I’m a bit behind on the blogging. Rest assure that I will be back with more weekly blogs in September. Until then I will leave you with this awesome video of Christopher Walken showing some serious skill! If you have never seen this before, you are definitely in for a treat! “If you walk without rhythm, you’ll never learn”


Always expect the unexpected! Talk to you soon 😉

Photo by Chuttersnap on Unsplash

Photo by Matthew Sleeper on Unsplash