Optimal Health Formula for the Future You

Just recently I had the pleasure of holding my presentation “Zoom Out!” for a very engaging audience. It was a motivational talk helping them getting started on their healthy week project in the office. But why do I call my talk “Zoom Out!” ?

Because too often when people want to change things they get too stuck in the smaller details, before even addressing the bigger picture. Or they change too much too quickly, making it too hard to adapt all the new habits – which makes one feel overwhelmed, and as if it is impossible to reach the goal. We then give up, and go back to our old habits. It’s better to take one small step at a time, and continue to build from there.

Zoom Out is all about seeing the big picture, and then doing small changes little by little. Choose one small thing to change, and make it into a habit. For example, instead of having a soda every day with lunch, have it every other day. Then, every third day and so on. Once that doesn’t feel like a big deal, add another smaller challenge. For example, I will stand up at work every day after I come back for lunch. Then slowly but surely try to extend that time until it becomes a habit.

The Optimal Health Formula
1. Give your body the best building blocks that you can.
2. Don't put more junk in your body.
3. Help your body to get rid of the already existing junk.

The beauty of this formula is that you can tailor it to your needs. Just adopt it to where you are right now, and see what you are willing to improve on. Lets take a closer look at what that could mean.

1. Give your body the best building blocks that you can.
Our cells renew themselves every single day! In about 10 years we have renewed all of our cells and built a completely new you. I think this is the coolest thing! So, how strong and healthy the future you will be, largely depends on the building blocks that you are giving it to work with. You cannot build a strong castle out of sugar. So, the nutrients that you put into your body, and how well your digestion functions will determine what kind of building blocks your body has to work with. You are what you absorb, not simply just what you eat. You may not notice big changes from day to day, but the accumulation over a long period of time, will shape the future you.

2. Do not put more junk into your body.
We already have so much pollution around us, in the air, in our drinking water, heavy metals, pesticides, and additives in our food. Our body is constantly working to get rid of the junk. It is not an easy job, and the liver and kidneys take a big hit here. Help your body by not adding any more junk. Choose organic produce, and look out for the dirty dozen. Choose the best quality, organic meat that you can afford. Learn about hidden sugars, bad oils and stay away from processed food as much as possible. Choose organic coffee instead of the standard heavily sprayed one. Maybe this could be a great health initiative for your office to take on?

3. Help your body to get rid of the already existing junk.
Help your liver and kidneys so they can do their work. Staying well hydrated, eating vegetables and fiber is key to moving this junk out of our bodies. Standing up at work, moving and sweating also helps a lot. You could start with something simple such as making sure you are properly hydrated, or going into the sauna. Or if you are ready for a much bigger challenge, you could do a full flexed detox program for a week or two. Choose your own level.

These three pieces are really the corner stones to our health, I think. And depending on how much you are asking of your body, and how you want it to feel, you need to be more diligent with your choices.

I would also like to add two more things that I think adds to a positive healthy you. Try to be outside, preferably in nature or a park, even if it is only for a short period of time, every single day. Also, having a positive community around you makes a huge difference. So, it’s a great idea to team up with a friend, college or partner.

It does not have to be super difficult to be a healthier you. Just start where you are right now, and take one small step at a time. Your cells will be delighted with their new building blocks, and over time build a stronger and healthier you.

Let’s all zoom out a bit, and take one step at a time.
Enjoy the weekend!



Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash
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