No Sugar Daddy! Are you in for the week?

Last week I was in walking into a local cafe, here in Haarlem, where I saw these postcards. Curiosity made me wonder what it was about. (Well done, marketing team at Boomerang!) “No Sugar Daddy” is just one of many postcards being distributed to promote a National Sugar Challenge here in Holland. It starts on Monday the 19th of November, and finishes one week later, on Sunday the 25th. What an awesome initiative!

Eating too much sugar or refined carbs puts your blood sugar out of whack. When that goes on for a longer time, it puts an extra burden on the pancreas. This in turn paves the road for Type 2 Diabetes.

Did you know that Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult-onset diabetes? They changed the name since increasingly younger and younger kids are being diagnosed with it.  And, if you read the blog post from two weeks ago you know that the latest research in cancer is showing that sugar plays a huge part..

So, join me in the Sugar Challenge! If you understand Dutch, (or feel handy with google translate), you can sign up for the Sugar Challenge here. Every day that week you will get some handy tips into your mailbox.

You say “Great idea, but I don’t speak Dutch.” No problemo! I will create a similar style of short messages for every day during the Sugar Challenge week. You can join me here by signing up for the newsletter, or simply by sending me an email with the title “Sugar Challenge – add me”.

Let’s learn a bit about the hidden sugars in our foods, how to read a food label, what happens to blood sugar when we eat, better options to drink in the bar, what is really insulin resistance and why should you care?

December is usually a month over-filled with sweets and candy, so why not take a week to re-set our taste buds before it starts. We often think about doing something like “eating healthier”, but rarely do we put it into action. Here is the perfect opportunity! Grab a college, partner and/or a friend, and let’s do this together.

"Where there is sugar, there are ants."
- Indonesian Proverb

If not eating any refined sugar for a week sounds like too big of a jump right now, sign up anyway! Learn some cool stuff and aim to decrease your consumption for that week. Win-win situation.


C’mon sweethearts! It’s just 7 days. Let’s Go!

Photo by Nathalie Visser
Photo by Gem & Lauris RK on Unsplash
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash