Friday After Work and Sugar Free Drinks

Yeah, that title is an oxymoron! But, lets see what we can do. The easiest way to be sugar free in the bar, is of course, to not drink any alcohol at all. Stick with water instead. Pick a fancy sparkly water and spice it up with mint leaves, lime, lemon, cucumber etc.

Otherwise these are your sugar free options:

Choose the best quality that you can find and work on the fine art of sipping. Add ice and lime or lemon. Make sure the citrus is actually a slice, because bars will often have lime or lemon juice at hand, but you can assume that they have already added sugar to it.

Sugar cubes for estimation

When looking at food labels it can sometimes be hard to understand just how much sugar X amount of grams are. First, make sure that the amount of sugar that is listed is based on 100g. Sometimes the food companies are sneaky and will use portion sizes instead for labeling. According to them a portion size might only be 30g, but if you eat the whole package, maybe you just ate 4 portions!

One Sugar Cube equals more or less 4grams of sugar. So whenever you read a label, try to convert it into sugar cubes. It makes it much more easier to visualize.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) the maximum intake of sugar a day should not reach 50g for a woman or 60g for a man. That would be about 12.5 sugar cubes for the ladies and 15 for the men. Keep in mind that this is the recommended maximum.

We should aim for a max of 6-7 sugar cubes total in a day, for optimal health.

Exploration time: How many sugar cubes does your favorite foods contain? Is your healthy snack still healthy?


Gin and Tonic

GT’s are often talked about as if they are a healthy alternative in the bar. Well… The Gin in itself does not contain any added sugar, so that’s good. But, the Tonic is loaded with sugar. There is almost as much sugar in a tonic as there is in a coca-cola. I know people who have sworn off soft drinks years ago, but were still drinking tonics. It’s just one of those things we don’t think about.

So, as you can see on the label – 100ml tonic contains 8g sugar. In a coca-cola, 100ml contains 10.6g of sugar. Now here’s the second part. Typically you will have about 200ml Tonic in a Gin and Tonic.

Remember the sugar cubes? We wanted to strive for 6-7 “sugar cubes” a day, with 12 being the absolute maximum. With one Gin and Tonic you have just had 4 sugar cubes! And GT’s are not even the most sugar laden drinks from the bar.


Plan ahead for your bar evening

If you are on the Team for the NO Sugar Challenge week, then your choice is no drinks or the ones mentioned above, in order to stay sugar free.  For the future, and for those that are not in the Challenge, I recommend that you inform yourself about your favorite drinks, beer and wine.Make a better choice.

How much sugar is there in one bottle or glass? Maybe there is a different option you would be OK with in case your favorite drink is super sugar laden.

Also, when you choose to drink alcohol, I would suggest that you skip dessert. Dessert and alcohol is sugar upon sugar. Choose either / or, in order to minimize the total intake of sugar.

I wish you all a great weekend!
And, respect to my awesome sugar-free Team heading into Day 5!
You guys are awesome!



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