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14 December 2018

Quick Study on the Spleendid Spleen

Hey there Team!
Right now I'm back in school for the next couple of days, at the International School of Osteopathy. The focus this time around is the stomach, pancreas and spleen. Now most of us have a pretty good idea of what the stomach does. It's where all lot of the digestion happens, right.

What about the pancreas? It has a couple of different functions, but mainly we think of this organ as regulating our blood sugar. Not a small job in this day and age, with all the processed foods and sugar everywhere around us.

But then it gets interesting. What do you actually know about the spleen? Do you even know where it is? You will find your spleen next to the rib cage on the left side of your body, between ribs 9-11. Here are a couple of cool things that the Spleen does.

  • The Spleen filters our blood by getting rid of damaged or sick red blood cells.
  • It is part of the lymphatic system which fights infections.
  • It stores specialized immune cells ready to fight bacteria and infections. It's like having your own army of Navy SEALs just waiting to get to work. Pretty sweet!
  • The Spleen stores a large part of the body's platelets. Their job is to help your blood to clot, which stops bleeding in a wound.
  • You can live without your spleen. However, without your own Navy SEALs team you will be a lot more vulnerable to bacteria and infections.

Here is a video of just over a minute, giving you a quick overview of how things work.

I bet you didn't know all of the cool functions that the Spleen has. But now you do! As always, no one organ works alone in the body. So, to help the spleen with the defense work, go on the offense and take good care of your whole body.

I wish you all a spleendid weekend!

Photo by jan abellan on Unsplash
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