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27 March 2020

Free App Content during Quarantine!

Hey there team!

As most of us are stuck at home in these times, on-line and app content is being viewed like never before. Luckily many companies have decided to lower their prices or to make some if not all content completely free for the next couple of weeks. That is great news!

So check out some of these apps below and see what you can learn from them. Maybe you will end up being a long term subscriber, or maybe you will just enjoy them for a couple of weeks. Either way, being able to check it out free of charge is pretty cool!

The Centr App from Chris Hemsworth and his team currently has a 6 week free trial! This is such a cool resource with many different coaches, so I am sure that you can find something to your liking.
They call their corner stones to a fit lifestyle Train, Eat, and Live. This is an amazing opportunity to check out all of their great content for free. Don't miss out! Do make sure that you go to the website for the 6-week free trial! If you go via the appstore it is only free for 7 days.

I feel so fortunate to have worked with incredible experts in the fields of health, nutrition, mindfulness and training, so I thought, ‘Why not share that?’ Tell my team what you want to achieve and they’ll help you get there.  -Chris Hemsworth

The Nike Running (NRC) and workout (NTC) Apps have always been free, and they are still awesome. I used the NRC app to get ready for a half marathon a while back. If you are living in the US the Nike Training Club App currently has all of its Premium content for FREE. Here is a direct question to Nike though -Why are you not able to release the Premium content in the App for the rest of the world to use...?! I just don't get it?! OK, moving on.

Headspace - my favorite app for meditation currently have some of their meditations for free. Check it out if you haven't already. If you want to know more about the benefits of meditation I have written about it previously.

State - This is a great breathing app I encourage you to try. It is really straight forward without any fuss, and very user friendly.  Their main saying is:

"Accomplish more, stress less - Intuitive breathing exercises to shift your state in record time"

The Wim Hof Method. If you have never heard about the Ice-man before, now is a good time! Learn more about his methodology to boost your immune system and breathing techniques here.

Mastering Diabetes also has many free webinars that you can join. This is a great resource to look at not only if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, but also if you are interested in what you can do to never end up in that situation!  Find out more about them here and follow on Instagram here.

These are just a few to give you a place to start. If you have a particular subject you are interested in google away and see what you can find out about what is being offered right now. I just attended a free web seminar from a Business School the other Day about being an entrepreneur.  Make the most of being stuck inside!

App away my friends! 😉

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
Photo by Reine Kase
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