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Do you say Good-morning when it is midnight?

It is getting to that time of the year where a lot of my friends are traveling far, and with changing time zones the question of how to best deal with jet lag often comes up. This was indeed the topic as I was talking to one of my friends about my upcoming Asia trip. […]

The streamlined warm-up that's right on target!

And it can also can be done anywhere. It is spring time, the weather is nice and the hours of daylight are longer. A lot of people find this time very motivating and suddenly I see a lot more people outside jogging and running. This is really great! However, within a few weeks I usually […]

Eat your brain into better wellth*

Last week we talked about looking at calories in vs calories out compared to what foods you actually eat, and how that affects your weight. Now let's take this one step further. What if the food you are feeding yourself and your family is either creating a healthy brain or an unhealthy brain? Did you […]

Pillow talk - what's your angle?

Imagine that you are standing up and looking straight ahead. Now turn your head 90 degrees as if you were to look over your shoulder. From there, tilt your head backwards. Here is a question for you, if you were to hold that position for about 7 hours, do you think that it would impact […]

Is your phone crushing your neural highways?

Lets talk about the importance of spinal integrity because it can literally make or break you. If you imagine the brain as a big ball, and then connect a long tube to it, which would represent the spine and the spinal chord inside the tube, it is very important to keep the tube in a […]

Wonder Woman will land you your next job!

Can standing properly really make you happier? Can sitting in a lousy position make you feel more sad and depressed? And how can Wonder Woman really help you land your next job? First off, think of someone who is really, really sad. In what kind of posture are they? There might be some small variables, […]

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