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Are you in the driver's seat? It's time to figure it out.

The words you use put you either in the driver's seat or in the passenger seat of your life. Now, where would you rather be? This post connects to last weeks where I was talking about meditation and the power of the mind. So, lets look at some specific examples of how you can shape […]

Is your mental game app on?

Imagine a basketball game where the score is tied with just 5 seconds to go, a foul has been made and now one player will get to do a free throw. One throw, one that he or she has done a million times. It should be so easy to make that one basket, but now […]

I ran 33 marathons last year by changing one thing – care to join me?

 "And wouldn't you like to have the answer to these questions too while we are at it?" How can I have less back pain? What can I do to be smarter at work? What can I do to get more oxygen into my lungs? What can I do to burn more calories during a day […]

Are you a perfumed garbage can? (Part 2)

Stinky Dave (from last week) was open to make the change and started with adding the water. He found it very challenging at first, and it took him about a month to be comfortable with drinking 2 liters a day. Because he was drinking more water he automatically drank less coke, and within 3 months […]

Are you a perfumed garbage can? (Part 1)

So lets talk about that smelly person in the room! You know, the one you really don't want to sit next to in a meeting, or when they come up and talk to you, you immediately try to avoid breathing in the air around them. Or maybe it's you who is stinking, and cannot get […]

Have you ever been too dirty for a shower? (part 2)

Imagine that you are driving your car and one day you notice that it is getting harder to turn the steering wheel. You don't worry too much about it at first, you simply just use pure muscle force to make up for it. You can still get to where you need to go and you […]

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